Friday, 28 September 2012

Treatment 3/Final draft

The film opens with a hand flicking through a photo album. There are many family photos, one of a young girl and her parents, then one of the same girl and two other children, then the same children with an elderly couple and finally a woman and a little boy. At this, the hand stops, and we see this same woman's face. She's older, about middle ages, and looks down with a sort of empty look on her face. She is sitting on a sofa as she is looking at the photo album, and around her are many other photo albums and books, as well as a multitude of other objects such as ornaments and children's clothes. Her surroundings are cluttered and full as she looks forlornly at the picture. The sound of footsteps are heard, and then a man around the same age as her comes onto the screen. He says good morning to the woman at this point, and she doesn't respond. He looks a little dissapointed at her lack of reaction, but seemingly brushes this off and says he'd off to work now. However, she suddenly picks up, realizing she should say good bye to him or make an effort, and starts to get up but he tells her it's alright and says she should just relax and have a good day.

He walks out the door, leaving her on the sofa, dejected. She looks back at the picture and begins strokes it but then a change comes over her face. She suddenly puts down the album and gets up, looking much more lively then before. Grabbing a bag that's lying near the door, she gets up and goes to the door, but not before she turns around and calls out that she's going to the shops. She walks down her street, and then we cut to the husband. He's at his desk, and is fidgeting with his pen and papers on his desk. With an anxious expression he looks up at his desk, and on his computer is a picture of the woman. for a second he looks conflicted and then he gets up and walks out his office door. 

With the woman again, she's walking along and with her is a balloon. She stops outside her house and she gets out a pen and paper , where she writes down a birthday message for her son, who she said goodbye to earlier on. Smiling at this, she walks into her house, but then begins to feel a bit uneasy. Dropping the other bags of shopping, she staggers towards the kitchen, still clutching her balloon. Once she enters the room, she finds herself surrounded by balloons, of every size and shape. Looking closer she realizes every balloon has a note attached to it and that they are all addressed to her son. Then she notices something in the corner and she releases the balloon she has with her as she goes to inspect it. It's a small picture frame with her son's picture again, and then suddenly her face falls as the reality dawns on her as she sees words on the picture "Rest in Peace, my beatiful son" under one of the picture. She remembers her son dying and all the memories of the people she lost and she collapses on the floor in tears. In the background we can hear someone entering, and her husband comes in. Initially, he still has tears in his eyes but sees that she's crying in a corner, and so he wipes his eyes and goes over to her. He coaxes her up and tells her he's make her some tea.

Three Act Structure

  • The woman is suffering from bereavement and other illnesses such as depression. She's started collecting up objects that remind her of her child that she lost as well as memories of the past. The wife feels the relationship between her and her husband is breaking. Her husband on the other hand is incredibly worried about her, and wants to give her the least amount of stress.
  • The disruption happens when the husband leaves and tells her he doesn't need anything from her. She misinterprets him that he doesn't need her, and then goes into a fantasy state where she thinks her son's alive. Meanwhile the husband feels bad and goes back to comfort her.
  • New equilibrium is that she realizes her son has passed away, and the husband comes in to comfort her.

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