Saturday, 22 September 2012

Balloon Treatment - My edit

After getting feedback from class for our first Balloon Treatment, we were asked to separately think up our own ideas for how the story could go.

This is my version.


The film begins as a woman wakes up. She groggily gets out of bed and checks the date and time on her phone that's resting on her bedside table. Meanwhile, we can hear sounds of someone in the bathroom. She also hears this and says good morning to her husband while passing the bathroom door. He replies and says she's going to start breakfast, and while she goes downstairs, she passes a closed door of a bedroom that has a boy's name on it. As she gets downstairs, she opens the fridge to get out foodm and when she closes it it say;s that it is the boy's (her son's) birthday today. She puts some toast in the toaster, and as she does so her husband comes down and eagerly waits for some toast. She gets out three plates and calls down her son's name, but he doesn't reply. Absent minded, she comments on how lazy boys are, and her husband gives a weak smile, before grabbing the toast that pops out of the toaster and bidding her a good day before leaving the house. The woman then calls out to her son that the breakfast is hot, and grabbing some toast herself, she says she's going out to the shops.

At this point, the screen splits. On one side we follow the woman and she goes out to her local corner shop. On the other, we see the man walk over to work.

Some time passes, and the woman come out of the shop, while the man is now at work. On the woman's side, she cheerily leaves and finds a man selling balloons, she cheerily purchases one from the vendor. She then finds a bench and there she gets out a card and writes down a birthday message to her son, and then smiles before getting up to go home. Meanwhile, her husband is shown at work and is being given papers to sign or work with. He sees very depressed, and then goes to leave his workplace, saying goodbye to colleagues. After getting out the door her suddenly stops and breaks down crying against a wall.

The view then fully fixes onto the woman who enter her house. However, everything seems ajar and she stumbles about, quite disorientated. she drops her shopping bags, and seemingly in a trance, she goes over to her sitting room door, still clutching the balloon. She opens the door and there she finds many balloons, all floating about. She's initially shocked, and looks at the balloons and sees that they all have messages attached to them- what;s more, all the messages are addressed to her son and they all are to wish him a happy birthday or congratulate him for something. Then she sees a small table at the corner of the room, and she lets go of the balloon as she approaches the table. There she finds a picture of her son and herself and her husband, however he's only very young in the picture. She then grabs the picture and clutches it to her, and then bursts in to tears as she remembers her son passed away so many years ago.

In the background, we hear the noise of someone opening the door, and her husband comes into the room, seeing her crouched down on the floor crying. He doesn't seem shocked, and wipes away his tear, and then comes over to her. He coaxes her to get up and comments on how she's brought in another balloon, before they both leave the room.

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