Saturday, 22 September 2012

Balloon Treatment 1

A woman wakes up; she's a middle aged stay at home mum. She gets dressed in casual clothes, and then goes down to her kitchen, along the way passing a closed door that has a boy's name on it. She goes into her kitchen to begin breakfast. Getting out two plates and setting them down on a table, she calls her son down to the table and as she does this she passes a calendar that shows it's her son's birthday. He doesn't reply so she says she's left the food hot and that she's going ou to the shops.

On her way to the shop she sees a family walking on the opposite side of the road and smiles at them before going into the shop. She comes out of the shop after some time has passed, carrying some groceries and she spots a man selling balloons. she goes up to the man and asks to buy a balloon, mentioning that it's for her son's birthday. The man asks how old her son will be, and she says that her son will be ten today. The vendor asks if he's a bit too old for balloons and she says it's a tradition between the two of them. She then takes out a card from her bag and leaning against a wall, she writes a birthday message for her son.

She sets off home, but as she enters her house, she feels very disorientated and staggers about. Laying down the bags of groceries, but still holding onto the balloon and it's immediately apparent that something is very wrong as when  she looks about the room it;s completely filled with balloons of every colour. They are all floating about and she notices each of them has a message attached. Looking closer at then, she sees they are all messages to her son; some of them are birthday wishes while others are for other key events in his life such as getting good grades or winning awards. Still very confused, she woman then spots spmething at the corner of the sitting room, which she goes over to look at. There she finds a picture of her son on a small table, with a lit candle and a flower in a vase. At this point, the woman remembers that her son died when he was much younger and that she has been buying him balloons since then as a coping mechanism for her loss. She then bursts into tears in realization.


  • Seems like it will take a bit of time to show the whole film-> her going to the shops, and seeing the family, her waking up.
  • Making it more obvious she lost her son, needs a tighter ending- example husband could come home.
  • However it is an original idea with an interesting narrative.
  • Can be more simplified- take out extra scenes.

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