Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Interview with my character

To get a better sense of my character, I did a character interview for them. I wrote it in the perspective  of the character.


  • What was you're dream as a kid?
I always wanted to be a mum, and have a lot of kids and a big family. I wanted to live out in the countryside, away form the city and in a big house.
  • What TV shows do you like watching?
I like watching singing shows like X factor and Britain's Got Talent. I also really liked Pop Idol while it was on and Strictly. I also like cooking programs and reality TV. I watch soap operas too.
  • What's your favourite genre of film?
A good Romantic Comedy.
  • What was your first job?
I worked as a cashier at Woolworths after I got my O Levels
  • What do you dislike about your own personality?
I dislike how I'm a real push over and I'm not very stubborn.
  • What do you look for in a partner?
I look for someone who's dependable.
  • What's your favourite thing about yourself physically?
I really like my hair. When I was little, my mum would put it in plaits and tie them with ribbons.
  • What's your favourite type of restaurant?
My favourite food is noodles, so maybe a Chinese one or Italian?
  • Ideal place for a holiday?
A countryside bed and breakfast, out in a quiet part of the country.
  • Have you traveled?
I've traveled around England. Once I went to Glasgow for my cousin's wedding, but thats as far as I've gone.
  • If your house burnt down, what would you take with you?
A family photo.
  • The best present you've ever received?
A silver necklace with an Onix pendant my husband gave me for my 7th wedding anniversary.
  • If you were spring cleaning what would you throw out first ad what would you throw out last?
I'd throw away the old newspapers first, and then the magazines and maybe some books if we;re lacking shelf space. The last things I'd consider would be the little knick knacks we've got over the years from friends and family, or on our own visits to places.
  • What's your most earliest memory?
I remmeber my first day at school, and walking hand in hand with my parents to my new class.
  • What was your relationship with your family?

I was very close to both my parents. I did't see my paternal grandparents very often but was close to my maternal grandmother and father. I have a younger brother and older sister, and I'm especially close to my brother.


  1. Feedback for this interview:

    -It's good, and has similarities to Rebecca's interview
    -Doesn't have the sense of the traumatized woman however
    -needs to link back to her situation more.

    -However a good balance between the two interviews.

  2. Reading through this post, your character sounds a lot like me, isn't that strange. I worked at Woolworths, my favourite food is noodles and I love going on holiday to the countryside. This is a pretty weird coincidence but I guess that's all it is. I guess a lot of people of singing shows like X Factor too, I love pretending I'm a celebrity singer when we get our Sing To The World karaoke machine out and sing a few of the classics.