Friday, 14 September 2012

Getting started with ideas

[also includes brief project log]
Initial Ideas

Coming back from summer, I began working with Rebecca to start thinking up ideas for out short film. After looking over each other's blogs, we found some key things about our interests.

Both Rebecca and I preferred stories that took place in urban settings and everyday environments. She spoke about wanting to have scenes indoors, which I also agreed upon. We also both liked interesting looking images, and came to the conclusion that we wanted our film to be very visual. The stories were also mostly based around only one or two people. Lastly, the kinds of stories we looked at were quirky and had something a bit out of the ordinary thrown in there - such as Rebecca's story about the man who faked his death to propose and mine about police putting balloons in peoples houses. Since this was present in both of our stories and would likely mean the story is a bit more interesting, we wanted to keep this present in our eventual story.

However there were also a lot of differences in our tastes and interests. I found that my stories often were based much more about people's personal problems and conflicts that came from their decisions. My stories were also very driven by emotional experiences and tended to be a lot more serious and depressing. However, Rebecca's on the other hand were a lot more comedy based, and she turned very tragic or serious stories into a more dark humor genre story. Her stories also were a lot more quirky.

After discussing this, we decided that we wanted to keep all the things that were similar about our stories, and also decided to keep the story being very visual. We decided that the plot should be very unexpected, as a few of our stories had to do with twist endings, and so this should be included. Finally, we wanted the conflict to still come from personal decisions of the characters.

Project log
>Discussed different stories and interests
>Decided on few characters, urban setting, noticeable visual style
>Decided story would be quirky, unexpectedly resolved and have conflict originating from personal decisions

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