Sunday, 30 September 2012

Research Table

Research  Source
Key research findings
How is this presented on your blog?
Where will you/ How can you use this info in your film? Be as detailed as you can in your answer

Researching Post Traumatic Stress disorder/
Various websites

 Learned about the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder
Text doc
 Saw it’s something that could be affecting our character, seeing as a symptom is flashbacks.
Also saw that the affects are more hasrh when children are involved which solidifies our story.

Repressed memories/
Article in Harvard Magazine

Looked into the history of this problem, and learned it isn’t actually accepted as a disorder, even though it frequently appears in media.
Text doc

Decided to just continue with the idea that her memories of her son are repressed and get triggered when she feels particularly down.

Losing loved ones/ Interviews with other family &  friends as well as self.

Learned first hand how people react to talking about lost loved ones.
Text documents & Video summary

Got a better understanding of what the character might be feelings and gave me an indication to how the character may act towards the end of the sequence.

Losing a child/ Interview with family member who was separated from child

Again, learned from first hand experience about how the character may react.
Text document

Gave the idea of looking at pictures and memories beforehand.

Hoarding/ Various websites

Learned hoarding is often used to comfort the person, and is more common with people who suffer from depression

 Influenced the film a lot as it could be really helpful to the visual style. Decided to put this right into the film and making it clear that she has trouble with letting go. Furthermore, this makes the idea of collecting the balloons much more plausible.

Coping Mechanisms/ youtube video

Learned that people can cope by going into a fantasy world.
Text & Video
 Goes into the idea that her personality changes quite drastically and she goes into the “Fantasy” her child is still alive.

Depression interview/ Talked to an aunt who’s a psychologist/

Learned how people are supposed to treat those who are under depression.
Slide show

Linked to the idea we had about her going off into a “fantasy”- her husband at first tells her to stay back and relax, but this just makes her feel worse which makes her go off into her fantasy- as well as linking to the idea that she is quite depressed and starts hoarding thinsg for comfort.

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