Friday, 28 September 2012

Character Introduction

There are many facets to the woman who is Mary Higgins. At first, she seems like a demure 50's housewife type, with light coloured hair in a soft, feminine cut around her face. She's not the most talkative  and often dresses in smart yet modest clothing preferring warm materials and hues. However after a time it becomes evident that Mary is too quiet, too passive. And that is when one discovers the second facet of Mary's personality. Underneath the spick and span exterior of a homemaker, Mary casts a melancholy aura onto her surroundings. A forlorn gaze, dark shadows under her light eyes and the creases between her brows belie the anguish she holds within her heart.

Mary has a sense of longing, a sense of sadness and even depression about her if you look long enough. She seems calm, but is really bordering on catatonic on some days. She surrounds herself with  useless objects, heirlooms and souvenirs, hoping to fill a long empty hole in her soul. She tries to grasp at memories, a flicks through albums or anything that could make her feel like the ones she;s lost aren't gone, but she fails every time.

And then, the last part of Mary';s personality arises. The part that forgets, the part that tries to run from her harsh reality. This part, which is so blinded by it's own optimism that it willingly removes the memories that hurt her the most. Her clouded vision guides her to collect and hoard further, and she feels safe and secure, wrapped up in the delusional state she puts herself into. But then it fades and Mary is, once again, alone in her disheartening existence.

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