Thursday, 1 November 2012

Film Threat Magazine

A film magazine that reviews a lot of Indie/cult/alternative films. It originated as a printed magazine in the 80s, reviewing independant films of the time, but was recently remade as the film review website it it now. Like it;s original incarnation, the website also reviews independant films.

The language the reviewers use is very fitting to the sort of films that are featured on the online site, and there is a very quirky tone to the articles. 

Reviews often speak a lot about the actual plot and action in the film as well as the characters. It's style is more similar to a blockbuster reviewing magazine in terms of review content, as it's evident it's main purpose is to entertain readers with the reviews rather than inform them. Although it;s reviews are both good and bad, they are always quite enjoyable to read because of the informal style of writing.

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