Friday, 2 November 2012

Empire Magazine

A film Magazine that reviews various genres of films, as well as having features, interviews and other types of articles regarding film.

Empire Magazine is a British, monthly film magazine. Empire covers a wide range of film genres, from Fantasy films like The Lord of The Rings trilogy to animated children's films such as Frankenweenie(2012). Although it does review art house films, it mainly focuses on reviewing popular block busters and big budget films.

It also reviews Video games, Books and DVDs.

Empire also has a website which can be found here.

Review style

When starting reviews, there is always a box at the beginning of the article including information about the release date, the director and some other information 

This particular article I looked at starts off with a quote from the film. The language used in this article is standard English  however it's written in a casual manner and in a way that grasps the audience's attention. Furthermore, it frequently compares it to the original film, but mostly focuses on reviewing the plot of the story and whether or not the gags were delivered well.

After the review, there is a verdict which summarizes the reviewers opinion on the film.

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