Friday, 2 November 2012

In the Bedroom(2001)

A 2001 film which tells the story of a young man who has an affair with an older married woman, and his family. During the course of the story, Frank, begins his affair but it abruptly ends when his lover;s husband murders him after a dispute. The film then focuses on his family and how they deal with the loss of Frank, as well as bringing up issues with how each parent treated their son. A lot of the relationships within the film are very similar to that in our film- the mother character in particular has a lot of parallels with Mary Higgin's character, as an overbearing mother who becomes a recluse after the death of her son.

The layout of this poster reflects the themes of the film quite well. The two images we see here are both set in the bedroom, which refers to the title of the film as well as the location that a lot of the pivotal events of the film take place. The images are also set out in the form of a grid, which is really interesting as it looks as if the viewer is looking intot he bedroom from outside the window.

I also really likt the lighting on the top image- it's very blue and cold. This reflects the emotions of the parents in the film, first worrying about their son and then grieving over his death later on in the film.

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