Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sight and Sound Magazine

A British film magazine published by the BFI. It includes film reviews as well as retrospective articles, features and interviews. It's almost a halfway point between Empire and Cineaste in terms of content- it does review quite big popular films such as it's recent review of Skyfall, but it also covers independant foreign film Five Broken Cameras as well as their use of much more formal language compared to empire.

This is a scan of a page from Sight and Sound. Like the other magazines I've looked at, it again separates it's text into columns. Unlike Empire though, it's center image doesn't seem like such a focal point, as it;s layout is a bit more spaced out. There is a small text box towards the top of most of there articles, similar to the box on Empire which gives some technical information on the film. 
Sight and Sound also uses different colours occasionally in articles, to make certain bold bits of text stand out even more.

As for the actual language used, as I had said before it';s quite formal. However it is also quite descriptive compared to other magazines, using more adjectives and talking a lot about the feelings and emotions the cinematography creates within the audience.

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