Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ordinary People (1980)

A drama film about a woman who actually loses her first son but is left with another which she can't stand. The film deals with a lot of emotional problems that can occur after the loss of a family member- Conrad, the surviving brother in this film starts out coming back from a psychiatric ward after attempting suicide. It also shows how losing one family member can destroy a family as the main story of the film is the family trying to get back to normal after losing the oldest son and the father trying to hold the family together.

This film poster has a black background, again mirroring the dark tone of the film The central image is a set of three family photos, depicting the surviving family members. This is a really good use of props on the poster, as the photos represent a little bit about the characters and the film itself. 

The image of the mother on the opposing end of the picture frames compared to the son represents the strain in their relationship. The fact that the father is placed in the middle shows us that he may be the central character of the film and that he is also the one who is trying to keep the family together and suggests he may be the mediator of the family. Lastly, there is the image of the younger son, Conrad. The glass on his frame is cracked, and this represents the strain the death of his brother has had on him, and how he has "cracked" from the grief. 

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