Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Events List

A list of things that happen, to help us work out our storyboard.

  1. Mary is sitting leafing through the album
  2. She is looking through family photos and stops at the photo of the little boy.
  3. She is sitting on her sofa, surrounded by clutter.
  4. Her husband, David, comes downstairs, struggling with his tie.
  5. David begins talking to Mary while walking around.
  6. Mary does not respond.
  7. David asks her if she has eaten.
  8. Mary still ignores him.
  9. David sits down and ashs her if he should stay home.
  10. She shakes her head.
  11. He gets up and says goodbye, and goes to work.
  12. She keeps looking at the photo, but then suddenly becomes much more lively looking.
  13. She puts down the album and gets up.
  14. She goes to the door and says goodbye to someone called George.
  15. Mary walks down the street.
  16. David is in his office, trying to work/ write things down on a paper.
  17. David fiddles with his pen.
  18. David looks up at his screen and begins remembering the accident and Mary.
  19. David becomes quite agitated and puts down his pen.
  20. David grabs his coat and leaves the office.
  21. Mary continues down the street, goin back to her house.
  22. She is now carrying a balloon.
  23. She enters the house.
  24. She walks into the kitchen
  25. Mary stops dead when she finds multiple helium balloons in her kitchen.
  26. Mary then sees the notes on the balloons, just like the one she is holding.
  27. Mary then sees the photograph of the little boy.
  28. She remembers her son is dead and starts sobbing.
  29. David walks in.
  30. David worries about her, and tries her to come to him.
  31. Mary just turns around.
  32. David tries to persuade her some more.
  33. Mary only begins to cry louder.
  34. David now gets frustrated and shouts at Mary
  35. He grabs a kitchen knife and starts popping balloons.
  36. Mary begins sobbing louder and louder, beginning to hear the sounds from earlier(a woman screaming ect)
  37. She begins to sink to her knees, and is still clutching the balloon from earlier.
  38. David finishes popping the balloons and Mary is quietly sobbing on the floor.
  39. David sits down with her.
  40. He gently tries to coax her into coming to him.
  41. She actually responds and they hold each other.
  42. They are walking outside, hand in hand.
  43. Mary is holding onto a balloon.
  44. Mary holds out the balloon, but hesitates to release it.
  45. David helps her let it go.
  46. They watch it fly away together.
  47. They come back into the sitting room.
  48. They sit on the sofa from the beginning.
  49. David finds the album still open and picks it up to look at.
  50. He is looking at the page with George, but then Mary closes the book.
  51. She smiles at him.

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