Thursday, 30 August 2012

Helium Balloons story board ideas

So con tinueing form this story idea, I looked at ways the more abstract version of this story could look by making some storyboard/concept images of the cinematography that could be used to tell thios story.
First there is the start of the story. Here, I wanted to make sure an important shot of a calandar is shown, to show how the protagonist is looking forward to a certain day. We don;t know what this day is initially, but it being highlighted is significant. Furthermore the colours are warmer in this shot.
Secondly, we have this scene where the protagonist comes home after a seemingly average day. We see this shot from a different angle which makes it look jarring and strange. The colours here are also much darker and washed out giving a creepy atmosphere to the scene and making it obvious that something is now wrong.

 Nest there is this scene where the person goes into the room filled with balloons, all of different colours. This room is purposefully very plain and looks clean and neat, and the brightly coloured balloons are meant to look almost cheery. However, it's also an unsettling perfection and very surreal after the previous scene of the person coming into the house and is again meant to unsettle the audience.

Furthermore, after the entry into the sitting room, there should be focuses on the different balloons and the notes attached to them, each saying happy birthday or some kind of message to the departed child.

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