Friday, 3 August 2012

Charity story

This image was found on reddit, and it was a news article.

This story intrigued me as it was a such a simple story that could be developed in so many ways, and placed anywhere.

Very easily, you can begin to develop the three main characters- the mother, the son and the stranger.

By splitting up the story into three definite arcs, we can establish the Son and Mother's lives at home, perhaps show her scrounging around for some food for her son. We ca then also show the son looking longingly at the bikes of his friends.

Later on, at the confrontation section, there could be a conflict of the son being left out of his group of friends and then being brought out to the shops with his mother, He could have an arguement with her, and it could even become very deep and express the child's longing for objects that his peers have but he simply cannot. During this we can also introduce the character of the stranger in the background, and make the mother either seem suspicious of them or use the camerawork to make the stranger seem annoyed.

Then in the resolution, the stranger would provide the money for the bike and kindly tell the mother that her son deserves a bike.

There could even be more development of the stranger- they could easily be retooled into a richer, upperclass person, and seem to be snobbish and condescending at first, but then turn out to be very kind and charitable when they give the money.

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