Sunday, 24 June 2012

Photography task- "love"

After our first task, we continues to look at taking still images in more interesting ways. We were split into groups and given the task of capturing various images that represented the idea of Love in and aorund our school. This is my group's presentation.
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For the first image of the rose, we wanted a close up, slightly blurred image. This, along with the pinkish colour of the rose represented the softness and innocence of love. The image also slightly resembled a child in the womb, and so can be interpreted as showing the love and closeness between a mother and child.

The second image of the cloud was taken because it resembled a heart that had been swiped at by claws. Coupled with the empty sky around it, it shows how love can lead to heartbreak and loneliness.

The third image  of the car shows how love can be found even in a very dark, mechanic thing as the car, and it's shown through the flowers. The reflection also shows how love can be a close, but private thing, as the person reflected in the glass looks like their outside of the love.

The third image of the blue wall shows a light inscription of initials above a heart shape. it is meant to show how love can be presented through graffiti, which is often associated with gang culture. However, it this case it represents something positive.

The fifth image is of a memorial of someone who passed away. This is meant to show how even after all the years(shown by the plants) the love people had for this person still stands, and that they still remmeber them.

Next, there is another image of roses, but these are behind bars. This can show how love can sometimes be unrequited.

After this, there is an image we took of a sign board in the park. It depicts a graphic of a women and her children. This we took because the picture's clear black and white shows the simple love between the family members.

We then took a picture of paths. This was meant to look like a  picturesque image, that showed the journey of love, and how two paths can meet to make one life together.

There is then an image of dead leaves with new ones. This represented how even if loved ones die, the living still remember them. It can also represent even though old family members age and pass away, the younger generation still live on and look after them til the end.

Our final image is of a lake, which has a flock of ducks swimming it it. The scene looks like something out of a period drama, and supposed to show a nice place to take someone on a date. The flowers and lake, along with the lack of buildings and urban life is to create an atmosphere from a romance novel.

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