Sunday, 24 June 2012

Creating images for a story

Our next task was to pair up in groups of two and create a pitch and treatment for a story, and then take images to give an idea of what this story will be like.

My groups pitch is as follows:

Alice is a normal, average girl who has friends, a good family life and is good in school. she's liked by everyone, and there seems to be nothing wrong with Alice's life- except for the strange messages she keeps receiving. Fearing a stalker, Alice keeps this to herself, but then one day it seems like Alice has never existed at all- she disappears without a trace. Her family, shocked and distraught, believe she's run away, and this means that it's up to her three best friends to try and find her.
The main story begins with Alice, living her normal life, but trying to keep her stalker secret away from her friends and family. Then one night while she's alone in her home and getting ready to go for a party with her friends, she is kidnapped. Her parents discover she's missing and start a police investigation, but nothing comes up and they believe she has simply run away. However, her best friend Madison discovers the strange test messages on her phone, and along with Alice's two other friends(Bridget and Gretchen) go out to look for people who may have had incentive to harm Alice. As the plot progresses. they find various red herrings, until they finally uncover that it was Gretchen- feeling unloved and distant from the group, and jealous of Alice- who had stolen her away. The girls quickly turn her in and return Alice home safely.

This is a presentation of a series of shots I took to develop and showcase the treatment.

Photos to show a story
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The first image is of Alice, as she fumbles with the necklace. The pattern of her clothes is to show her girl personality, and the fumbliung is to show that she's kind and concienmcious. The necklace is a butterfly pendant, showing again how she's cute and girly- but the black colour is forshadowing to what happens later.

The second image shows Alice in her room as she views her texts. I tried to arrange the background to look like a normal girl's room.

The third image is again in her room, but shows her phone discarded next to a crumpled looking red dress. The colour of the criumpled dress and the number on the phone shows how there would have been a struggle and represents danger.

The fourth image is important as it shows the belongings of Alice's three friends. The ones that are the closest are the ones that belong to Madison, and are a pair of boots and a bag with a bright colourful pattern. This represents her character as being more bold and the leader. The second set is of Bridget, who owns the yellow bag and flip flops. This represents her as a bright, warm character and also more carefree with the ditzy colour of yellow on her bag, The final and furthest form the camera are the belongings of Gretchen. Her bag has a more subdued pattern and her shoes are safe and conservative. This, and their position show her distance from her friends and how she may be hiding something,

The fifth image is a simple still of some of alice's belpongings to get an idea of the sort of character she is, compared to her friends. Her belongings are quirky(with the wicker basket bag) but cute and feminine.

The final image is of the necklace form the start discarded on a bench. This is meant to imply how something bad has happened.

Throughout this shoot, I tried to keep to similar colour schemes and patterns(using floral objects multiple times). I also tried to repeated use the same props to create a slight narrative.

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