Monday, 9 July 2012

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Blindfolded Chinese acrobat survives dramatic high wire fall 

A Chinese daredevil escaped with just minor injuries after slipping and falling from a high wire suspended 200 metres above the ground. 

High wire,  AisikaierHigh wire walker Aisikaier escaper without any serious injuries (Picture: YouTube/ ThisIsMyNextNews)
Dawa Zi acrobat Aisikaier was just 40m from finishing his 700m death-defying stunt in China's Hunan Province on Sunday, when he suddenly lost his footing.
Blindfolded and walking backwards, the acrobat appeared to be struggling throughout the high-wire walk after appearing to initially lose his footing mid-way through the spectacle.
Cheered on by hundreds of supporters lining the river banks below, Aisikaier continued his stunt without a safety net and with just a pole to support his balance.
However his determination to finish the stunt proved costly when Aisikaier, a sixth generation performer, slipped for a second time, plummeting 200 metres below.
The incident was caught on camera, showing the acrobat instinctively attempt to grab on to the tight rope on his way down. 
Amazingly, he escaped with just minor injuries and was filmed walking back up the side of the ravine just minutes after his spectacular fall.
The performer later told Chinese television a combination of strong winds and feeling faint contributed to him losing his footing. 

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